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Out and about With Maelroan Computers April 2013

Hello to all our existing clients, and welcome to the many new ones

Sadly there are no reimbursements available now from either the Federal Government or our WA government.

Annual phone/email support payments are now due. After much deliberation I have decided to keep phone support and simple queries by email at $110 per annum. I reserve the right to charge an hourly rate if I consider the usage excessive. (I have never had to do this in the past). Checking data prior to BAS preparation etc, will be charged at my hourly rate. If you wish to subscribe to have phone/email support, then please complete the attached form, send with your cheque, or fax/email form and direct deposit to our bank account. I will then send you an invoice/receipt.


V6 was released late in 2012. It has some helpful new features.
Quite a few clients are purchasing site licenses to allow other family members have access to the farm business data. This does not mean that everyone can enter data without strict procedures being in place.
Phoenix live is now being used and may be a viable alternative to site licenses where it is appropriate that several members of the business need to enter data. You can allow access at a level determined by you to your Accountant, Farm Advisor, Bank Manager etc. This also applies to members of the business. You may for example allow someone to do the data entry for you, but not reconcile.
For more information, call or email for a demo and pricing.


There have been a few changes to the rebate amounts in the past few months. If you use Phoenix to calculate your rebate, you need to upgrade to the new version. You can either do a live update, or you can call Ag Data and order a CD. Upgrades within a version eg V6, are free. New rebates for on road fuel applicable from 11st July, 2013 are only available in V6.5

Pre-registration for these days is essential. You do not have to be a Phoenix client to attend, nor do you have to use Phoenix financial to use the Phoenix Production suite of programs.
Details of where I will be working and what group courses are available are on my web page under calendar of events. You can also email or fax your interest and I can let you know what will be on where.
Now that Phoenix V6 has been released I will be holding courses around the state to bring you up to date on what is new. If you would be interested in attending, please advise when and where you would like to attend. This will allow me to plan the training and work it in with other training I will be conducting in your region.
If you do not wish to attend a group training session but would rather one on one, please let me know.

FRESHCARE QA For Horticulture
I have been conducting Freshcare training for some time now. If you know of anyone who needs to attend this training, please give them my contact details.

It has been brought to my attention by my computer technical gurus that we must always use the safely remove hardware tab on the bottom right hand side of our main screen prior to removing external devices. Some devices write a mark if you do not do this, and your data is lost to you as any further access is denied.


Other accounting packages are trained please call for further information


Training is available for this suite of programs

HACCP and SQF1000 and SQF2000 (Quality Assurance)
Because of the massive changes that have been made to SQF in recent times I have let my certification lapse. It is no longer a viable QA option for growers.
With the increase in cost of audit for SQF1000, many clients have changed to the HACCP system. If you would like to know more about this option, please call for further information. I have recently amended previous SQF1000 client manuals to comply with HACCP.

Can you please all either complete the relevant information on the phone support form, or email me the information, to allow me to email newsletter and information to you, if you wish to use this method. If you would like me to use email for contact with you, please advise of your current address, as many of you have changed you internet access in recent times. Also, quite a few have new mail addresses that have a number and a road address instead of RMB, RSD etc. I am keen to keep my data base up to date. If you wish to be removed from my data base, please advise that also.


Check the events calendar on our web page.
If you see us parked anywhere, call in and have a cuppa and a chat.
Remember, we come to you.
Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2013 for everyone. It certainly would be welcome.
Liz Alford

Phone 0428 910 122

Fax 08 97312481

Published in: August 2013